Vastu Guide for Auspicious “Pooja Room”

The Pooja room, or prayer room, is and must be one of your home’s most auspicious and sacred places. But this most auspicious and holy room needs to comply with Vastu Shastra’s rules and guidelines. FINELOOK INTERIOR tells you how to create a pooja room for your home that is Vastu compliant. [According to puja […]

10 Best Modular Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchen

We always dream of a spacious kitchen warm with natural lighting. But that is not something that every budget-friendly apartment offers. Turing the available kitchen space in your apartment into your dream kitchen will need some very big and creative ideas from experts. Here we bring to you some foolproof and cost-effective ideas to incorporate […]

Vastu Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

Is Vastu for the kitchen important? The kitchen in an Indian household is a sacred place where energy transformation happens – from raw and uncooked items to nutritious meals that instill energy into the family member’s body upon consumption. These meals that are the source of life for the family need to be produced in […]

Bedroom False Ceiling Design Guidelines

False ceiling in bedroom is used to provide false suspended plane just below the ceiling to hide the services and for temperature control(insulation) and better bedroom design aesthetics. False ceiling design of bedroom is one of the most important aspect of your bedroom interior design. False ceiling for bedroom serves multiple purposes. It enhances the […]

Low Budget Interior Design Ideas For Home

Everyone like well structured and designed home. Interior Designing is the best art to create a beautiful, luxurious and inviting atmosphere in home space. If you thinking about your home designing but worried about budget, then use the following low budget interior designing ideas to set your house interior.Use the Perfect Color Combination:  Color is […]

Vastu Direction Guide For Your New House

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that came out of the need for living in harmony and prosperity. It eliminates the negativity from the environment of the home to reinforce positivity around us. The Vastu Shastras, as it has been called in old texts, are rules and regulations based on which a house becomes a […]

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking to redesign your bedroom? Do you want to design your  bedroom as per your taste and ofcourse it must fulfill your requirements? Well, then you are on right page. Here we are going to share bedroom interior design tips and best interior bedroom design ideas. When you are planning to revamp your […]

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