MFC – Melamine-Faced Chipboard A go-to option for contemporary kitchens, Melamine-faced chipboard is a manufactured board famous for being economical and sturdy. Its chipboard core is built from scrap wood, sawdust and paper, covered in a melamine laminate. The surface of such cabinets is resistant to moisture, anti-fungal and effortless to maintain. The only drawback […]

Interior Wall Painting Cost For Your Home

The festive season is approaching fast, and a lot of you are probably considering re-painting of your home. Painting your walls is the absolute easiest way to instantly enhance the look and feel of your home. Wall painting can transform your old home into a shiny new home. And who doesn’t want to impress their […]

How to Design Home Office Interiors to Suit Your Personality-2021

To be efficient when working from home, you need a space that’s dedicated to your work. According to the best interior designers in Coimbatore, the ideal home office interior should be functional, clutter-free, comfortable, and bright. That’s not all, it should reflect your personality and inspire your thoughts and work. Most Popular Modern Home Office Ideas Before you […]

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