interior designers in Coimbatore

Kitchen Cabinets Colours And Styles in 2021

Kitchen cainets have evolved over time in terms of their structure and their styles and finishes. They’re also customisable according to the needs and preferences of homeowners. Read now to find out the most popular kitchen cabinets colours and styles in 2021 We already know that a kitchen is considered the heart of the home, […]

Choosing the Right Wall Finish for Luxury Interior

Walls as an Opportunity – With the progress of time, people have been taking interior spaces, be it homes or offices more seriously and more responsibly. The days when walls were just dividing partitions are gone from the world of luxury interiors. The best interior designers in Coimbatore And Chennai now see walls as a very important […]

interior designers in Coimbatore

Kids Room Design

Nursery Decor for New Born Congratulations! Soon a bundle of joy would FINELOOK INTERIOR in your home. After hearing this news, you must be planning for several things like, what would be the nursery décor for the new born. Gone are the days when blue was considered for boys and pink for girls! Today, a […]


A modular kitchen is not complete without a sink. Just about any model will not do. From the material to size, shape, and faucet fittings, you need to consider different aspects to choose the right kitchen sink. The sink should match the rest of the kitchen and provide value. It should be functional and good-looking.  […]

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