When building your dream house, you may find the need to hire a professional to beautify your space. But who should you opt for-an interior designer or an interior decorator? Some of the top interior designers in Coimbatore answer these questions for you:

An interior designer helps to DESIGN the insides of the building to make it a functioning space. Whether it is an office or a nursery, an interior designer will help you create the perfect room by optimizing, the space and ensuring that your needs are met. A person needs to hold a degree/diploma to be called as a Designer.

Interior designers have the technical knowledge as well as understanding of people’s behavior which helps them succeed in a project. Check Our Project’s They make a room look beautiful, but their work goes so much deeper than colors and style. They also make sure that the structure meets with the real estate standards, like the fire and safety regulations. FineLook interior has worked on numerous interiors in Coimbatore and across the region and can assist you in creating your dream space without any hassle.

Who Is An Interior Decorator?

An interior decorator is someone who makes a space aesthetically pleasing. From choosing the right colors and textures to adding small trinkets, a decorator ensures that your space looks flawless and serves it purpose. While a decorator does not need a formal degree for this job, they have an eye for style and the sense to understand what their client needs.

Let’s say you move into a pre-built house and want the space to match your personal taste. An interior decorator will help you choose the right furnishings, linen (curtain, bedsheets, pillow cover, table runners etc.) and wall paints to match your vision. And while they do not get involved in building the structure of a room, they can transform the look of any space with their expertise. This is a service that the top interior designers in Coimbatore also provide.

Who Should You Choose?

Every home is unique, and requirements differ from client to client. If you are building a new home from ground zero, then ensure that the team of architects also has an interior designer. A designer will match your needs with the building standards to ensure you have a space that is healthy and beautiful. Decisions like garden landscaping, garage size, space planning etc. – these are handled by a designer.

If you are moving into a new apartment or want to change how your current home looks but don’t have the time to do it yourself, and then choose an interior decorator. They will understand your idea and help you take the decision that suits your home as well as your budget.

Our professional interior designers in Coimbatore can take up both tasks with ease, ask yourself these questions before choosing:

  • Do you need to change the structure of the house (like enlarge a room or add a new floor), or change the look (like make a room kid-friendly or change your kitchen’s style) ?
  • Do you need someone with a degree in interiors or someone with experience? Or both?
  • Do you have an exact idea of what you want or need expert opinion to bring your idea to reality?

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