MFC – Melamine-Faced Chipboard A go-to option for contemporary kitchens, Melamine-faced chipboard is a manufactured board famous for being economical and sturdy. Its chipboard core is built from scrap wood, sawdust and paper, covered in a melamine laminate. The surface of such cabinets is resistant to moisture, anti-fungal and effortless to maintain. The only drawback […]

Interior Wall Painting Cost For Your Home

The festive season is approaching fast, and a lot of you are probably considering re-painting of your home. Painting your walls is the absolute easiest way to instantly enhance the look and feel of your home. Wall painting can transform your old home into a shiny new home. And who doesn’t want to impress their […]

How to Design Home Office Interiors to Suit Your Personality-2021

To be efficient when working from home, you need a space that’s dedicated to your work. According to the best interior designers in Coimbatore, the ideal home office interior should be functional, clutter-free, comfortable, and bright. That’s not all, it should reflect your personality and inspire your thoughts and work. Most Popular Modern Home Office Ideas Before you […]

Regulation And Safety Measures In Covid-19

Pre Design: Sanitize Post lock down, our Office, Factory and the experience center will be sanitized every 4 Hours. We make sure to maintain social distancing with the help of 25+ separate meeting cabins in our HSR experience center to make sure all our clients follow social distancing. We schedule client meetings with specific times […]

How To Buy The Best Sofa For Your Home

One of the most important furniture investments that you will ever make in your life is your sofa. Whether you have realised it yet or not, your sofa will be one of the focal points of your living room or family room. Your sofa seats your guests when you do some entertaining at home.  Your […]

Vastu Guide for Auspicious “Pooja Room”

The Pooja room, or prayer room, is and must be one of your home’s most auspicious and sacred places. But this most auspicious and holy room needs to comply with Vastu Shastra’s rules and guidelines. FINELOOK INTERIOR tells you how to create a pooja room for your home that is Vastu compliant. [According to puja […]

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