Bedroom False Ceiling Design Guidelines

False ceiling in bedroom is used to provide false suspended plane just below the ceiling to hide the services and for temperature control(insulation) and better bedroom design aesthetics. False ceiling design of bedroom is one of the most important aspect of your bedroom interior design. False ceiling for bedroom serves multiple purposes. It enhances the […]

Low Budget Interior Design Ideas For Home

Everyone like well structured and designed home. Interior Designing is the best art to create a beautiful, luxurious and inviting atmosphere in home space. If you thinking about your home designing but worried about budget, then use the following low budget interior designing ideas to set your house interior.Use the Perfect Color Combination:  Color is […]

Vastu Direction Guide For Your New House

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that came out of the need for living in harmony and prosperity. It eliminates the negativity from the environment of the home to reinforce positivity around us. The Vastu Shastras, as it has been called in old texts, are rules and regulations based on which a house becomes a […]

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking to redesign your bedroom? Do you want to design your  bedroom as per your taste and ofcourse it must fulfill your requirements? Well, then you are on right page. Here we are going to share bedroom interior design tips and best interior bedroom design ideas. When you are planning to revamp your […]

Modular Kitchen Layouts

6 Most Popular Modular Kitchen Layouts That You Should Know About  Finelook Interiors – Top 10 Interior Designers in Coimbatore | Luxury Interior Designs for House, Villas, Bungalows, Hotels, Commercial Buildings 6 Most Popular Modular Kitchen Layouts That You Should Know About Kitchens are a fundamental part of a great home. To get it […]

How to Organize Kitchen

IN THIS ARTICLE Why Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets Step 1: Declutter Your Cabinets Step 2: Sort and Arrange Items Step 3: Figure Out What to Store Step 4: Maintain Kitchen Cabinets BACK TO TOP The amount of items that home cooks need to store in their kitchen cabinets is mind-boggling. The sheer number of different […]

Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating Ideas

Interior Decorating Ideas Regardless of the style or influence you choose for your home decor, the job is not complete until you also add a few accent pieces and until you create a focal point. For that you can adopt all sorts of strategies Hang plates. Plates are an interesting alternative for framed artwork. They [...]
Best Home interior in Coimbatore

Best Home interior in Coimbatore

Finelook interior are leading in the field of home interior designing and decoration. We at Finelook Interiors, an interior designing company in Coimbatore are complement to the fine work of your home architect by bringing a parallel decor to match exactly the architecture of your cherished house. We create something unique and exceptional each time [...]
Advantages of Modular Kitchen

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

SLEEK AND STYLISH When it comes to aesthetics and elegance, modular kitchens hit all the spots at the right place. They are available in a variety of models that have their own style statement. If you are among those who love contemporary and clean lines, then you will definitely like the numerous design options available [...]
Tips on light design for home interiors

Tips on light design for home interiors

You might think of it as design cliché, but interior lighting designs for home interior can truly elevate your space. Good lighting can immediately change the flow of space, ambience, and mood of your room. While natural light is always in vogue, artificial lighting in the form of tube lights, bulbs, etc. can reach corners [...]
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