The pooja room door not only creates a separate space for worship but also serves as a captivating design feature that can improve the overall look of your home. Most of the homeowners want to have their prayer room as an enclosed chamber. If your home has a space for a mandir, you should be beautifying it more with alluring doors with various embellishments and patterns.

Here are listed 6 modern pooja room door designs suggested by the top interior designers in Coimbatore.

Door Designs in Traditionally Styled Wood

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Wooden doors have been preferred since olden times, and the desire remains the same for many. Wood is a vastu-compliant material and most suitable for building home interiors, and anything wooden is preferred in Indian traditional practices. To make your worship room doors attractive, you can create various designs carved with intricate shapes that suit the concept of a pooja room.

Doors with Modern Choice for Plywood

Though solid wooden doors are preferred, they are expensive too and need quality maintenance that doesn’t suit the lifestyle of today’s busy people. So, the following preferred choice is a door made of plywood which gives the look of wood, is easy to maintain, and can be replaced without much expense. Therefore, this contemporary element is often suggested by the interior designers in Coimbatore And Chennai to suit people’s needs. You can choose between black closed doors or push-to-open doors, or a mix of woody tones with the pattern of Ganesha.

Pooja Room with Glass Doors

Glass doors are outright modern and fit the style of any contemporary home. They are preferred by FINELOOKINTERIOR experts as they come with lots of variety in glass designs to help you choose among the best. You can have plain glass for clear visibility or frosted glass to block the transparency. Whereas etched glass doors offer partial translucence. 

Pooja Door with Metalwork

These days, doors are more than just functional panels for entering and exiting. The designs are significant, especially for those who want their pooja room doors to be beautiful and traditional. In many interiors in Coimbatore And Chennai , you will see elegant wooden door designs with a large metal piece in the center and antique engravings. 

Netted Door Designs

The worship rooms with jaali or netted entrance have an intriguing presence throughout history and have their own significance. They are a constant fashion and can be made of different materials like CNC laser cuts, wood, etc., and fit your budget. These doors are preferred as they create room for ventilation and offer partial visibility. You can light a diya or candle, keep an eye on it, and don’t have to worry about any burning accidents. Among the many choices, home interior designers in Coimbatore And Chennai suggest trying either a collapsible netted entrance or jaali designs made of wood or sliding doors.

Fusion Pooja Mandir Door Design

If you want to get a traditional look but with a modern feel, a fusion door will suit you best. You may try a door carved of teak and add glass for contemporary elegance. This will allow you to have visuals of the sacred space and deities anytime you want. Take a look here to see the design preferences by one of India’s best interior design companies in Coimbatore and Chennai.

We know the pooja room door design ideas will inspire you. If you are style-conscious and want to create a beautiful space for worship in-home or want to revamp the old, talk to our experts at FINELOOK INTERIOR.

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