Don’t we all love huge TV screens in adorning our living rooms? But when it comes to arranging items around it, we find how difficult the process can be. And there will always be things we use but don’t want others to see. Where do we hide them? 

Interior Designers in Coimbatore And Chennai suggests trying the latest designs for TV units and storage. The modern designs are sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, unlike some of the bulkier designs we are so used to seeing around us.

Minimalist Design in Wood and White

Let’s start with something simple and elegant. A double paneling structure is a great way to hide the bunch of cables that hand from the TV. The wood panel sticks to the wall while the white paneling hides the cables. A flat and short box towards the bottom can function as storage drawers. The top surface of the drawers can be used to place s few decorative items. Professionals at FINELOOK say that you can’t ever go wrong with this classic combination. 

Partitioning TV Stand

Living Room Interior Designers in Coimbatore say that partition TV stands serve a dual purpose. One, the wooden stand can hold the TV and has drawers to store things. Two, it can be used as a partition screen to separate one part of the room from another. If your dining room is connected to your living room, using this partition stand can provide you the required privacy. 

Mid-Century TV Stand

If you want something small, compact, and movable, a mid-century TV stand would be a good choice. Made of wood, the TV stand is sleek and long enough to hold a TV unit on the top surface and has storage space for you to place your stuff. If you like to occasionally change the Interiors in Coimbatore , you can move this TV stand from one part of the room to another. 

Neutral Tones and Neat Lines

Some of us just love neat lines, don’t we? We want everything aligned the right way, without being too curvy or angled in different directions. Home Interior Designers in Coimbatore e suggest the combination of neutral shades and straight lines for such people. You can complement the TV unit with similar colored furniture and carpets. Line them all in a straight arrow to give the living room an uncluttered look. 

White and White- Wall to Wall

If you are a fan of white, try the wall-to-wall white paneling and TV stand. The TV is wall-mounted right in the center of the room as the unit extends on both sides. Interior Designers in Coimbatore  say that adding two long cupboards on the sides will give you more storage space. Also, you can have shelves at the top and the bottom around the TV unit and fill them with things you like. 


From minimal to bold to black and white, there’s no limit to the modern design you can choose for your TV units. Contact us at FINELOOK INTERIOR to meet experienced designers who will provide you with the best advice for your home.

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