Open kitchens are the in-thing in the market, and you can see why. There’s something elegant and bold about displaying the kitchen items rather than hiding them behind thick doors. Even your jar of pulses is a showpiece if you know how to get the right effect. 

Interior Designers in Coimbatore are receiving more and more requests to design different and trendy shelves for kitchens. Most clients these days want open shelves so that they can display their collections with love and pride. From ceramics to glass, nothing needs to be hidden in your lovely kitchen. 

Farmhouse Style- Rustic and Sturdy 

Designers at FINELOOK INTERIOR have a perfect idea for those who love rustic models and countryside look. And you don’t need to do much either. Just get thick and sturdy wooden boards and nail them onto the kitchen walls. You can have either one shelf or more, depending on the space. The wooden boards will bring a nice contrast to ceramic, stone, and glass containers/ jars. Place a couple of tiny plants to add a touch of color.

Color-Code the Decor 

Kitchen Interior Designers in Coimbatore And Chennai suggest that instead of color-coding the doors of the shelves, you can do the same to open shelves. How? Simple. Use glass for the racks. Then choose colors from the background of the shelf. Extend the same combination throughout the kitchen. Classy, right? 

Two Shelves at Two Ends 

If you have a large kitchen counter that appears a little too bare, get two identical shelves with multiple racks and place them on both ends. One side can have larger jars and cutlery, while the other side can showcase delicate items like your glass collection. 

Short Hanging Shelves

You definitely don’t need to stock all your kitchen containers and gadgets in one place. Why not have short hanging shelves at different places? You can have one over the skink. There can be another in the opposite corner. A slightly larger set would sit in the center. In fact, highlight the Interiors in Coimbatore by setting up a similar hanging self-close to the dining table.

Kitchen-Cum-Living Room Shelves 

Home Interior Designers in Coimbatore  have a great idea for smaller homes. Space constraints make it rather hard to build multiple shelves in a small area. And it can be even more difficult if you have an open kitchen that is a tiny part of your living room. Still, you can build smaller and compact racks on the kitchen wall extending from one end to another. Store the plates, bottles, dishes, gadgets, and even books in these racks.  

Mix and Match Racks

What if you want to try more than one type of shelf? Interior Designers in Coimbatore  have an idea for this one too. You can have a built-in shelf on one side. Have a couple of metal racks for spoons and knives near the stove, a batch of high racks for larger containers, and a couple of wooden boxes for herbs. 


For more stylish ideas about kitchen shelves and interior designing, contact FINELOOK INTERIOR today. Get a free quote.

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